Quality Assurance

Advancement is our objective...

PHARMAPLANT is accredited according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. We are rising up to the challenge of meeting our high company-internal quality demands while still granting every employee enough individual latitude to produce innovative solutions. An essential component of our customer orientation consists in handling contracts transparently and comprehensibly.

The new system also allows discrepancies to be identified and thus redressed more quickly and definitively. During and after our projects we maintain close contact with our customers and permanently assess our performance so that we can react readily and flexibly to new demands and wishes.

The strict orientation of our QA policy to customer satisfaction is also evident in our standard practice of keeping research and client data confidential.

Scope: Agricultural, biological research and development as well as chemical-analytical service on plant raw materials particularly on active compound, aromatic and spice plants.

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