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Putting genetic predisposition to use...

...has always been a challenge in agricultural production. Every species and every active plant metabolite has their own reactions to ecological conditions. Many of these complex interactions have yet to be studied. What is known, however, is that the influence of such factors as soil and climate, competition for growth factors, stress factors and specific physiological conditions for ripening and harvesting can have as great an effect on the quality of medicinal plant drug material as genetic variation.

Optimizing the culture is thus without any doubt one of the most important steps toward producing high-quality raw materials and also influences the subsequent processing costs. For the most part, the quality of the plant raw product is already determined at harvest time. Afterward it is easy to destroy qualities through incorrect/inadequate post-harvest handling, but quite expensive to improve them. Only through systematic, product-specific cultivation research can the genetic potential of secondary metabolite plants be realized and the demands of the processing industry for high-quality raw materials be guaranteed for a sustained period.

Since its founding PHARMAPLANT has dealt with agricultural science issues concerning secondary metabolite plants. During this time it has worked with nearly all groups of substances currently implemented in pharmacology, making PHARMAPLANT one of the world's leading institutions in this field.

We perform agricultural contract research on the large-scale test fields at our company headquarters and in collaboration with quality-conscious cultivation operations, either taking over the entire cultivation process or optimizing individual agronomic sub-sectors.

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