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A protected advantage...

Did you know that the majority of the medicinal and aromatic plant varieties registered in Germany originated from PHARMAPLANT's fields? With modern breeding methods, we have been able to realize various breeding goals such as high and stable concentrations of active agents and improved agricultural properties. You can take advantage of this experience to develop your own plant profile quickly and effectively.

New varieties and maintainance breeding done at PHARMAPLANT in recent years:

    • artichoke (2 varieties)
    • valerian ("Anthos")
    • summer savory (1 variety)
    • nettle ("Urimed")
    • dragonhead ("Arat")
    • St. John's wort (3 varieties)
    • chamomile (1 variety)
    • marjoram ("Tetrata")
    • milk thistle ("Silybum")
    • evening primrose ("Anothera")
    • peppermint ("Multimentha")
    • sage ("Extrakta")
    • yarrow ("Proa")
    • lemon balm ("Lemona")

See Prepared Plant Species and Research Emphases for more cultivars prepared at Pharmaplant. It may be worth it to own your own distinct, protected plant variety, to reproducibly meet your specific raw material demands.

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