Phytotechnology Analysis

Laboratory Services

Making the quality of plant materials measurable... a basic requirement of all our screening, selection and optimization work. During the various phases and technological steps of processing plant raw materials, we are concerned primarily with the sensory, phytochemical, microbiological and physico-chemical categories of measurement. We supplement the conventional methods of pharmacopeias to determine the content of active plant compounds with a number of classical procedures and modern methods like GC, HPLC, HPTLC, spectroscopy, gel-electrophoresis. We examine microbial contamination and perform physico-chemical assays to determine the antioxidative potential of free radical scavengers. From the many methods at our disposal, we select the procedures best suited for monitoring the quality of each of our research and development projects and contracts.

PHARMAPLANT's independent laboratory has been accredited for the quality testing of medicinal plants and herbs by the state government of Thuringia, and is also responsible for monitoring the standards of products with the "Original Thüringer Qualität" (Genuine Quality from Thuiringia) certificate.

In addition, we offer our entire range of phytoanalytical, microbiological and physico-chemical equipment and know-how for individual sample analysis.

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