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PHARMAPLANT's recipe for success ...

...has always been the linkage of scientific and empirical groundwork with an interdisciplinary approach to the problems assigned. Today we have chemists, pharmacists, botanists and molecular biologists working in contract research along with plant breeders, agricultural and horticultural engineers. They all focus their knowledge and their experiences on "plants containing special active compounds."

The company is directed by the microbiologist and plant physiologist Dr. Andreas Plescher, who contributes thirty years of experience in the fields of phytopathology, botany, secondary metabolism and the development of medicinal and aromatic plant crops. He is the chairman of the German Expert Committee for Medicinal, Spice and Aromatic Plants" and has accumulated his own experiences in university, commercial and contract research.

PHARMAPLANT has its headquarters in the small city of Artern in northern Thuringia, where the fertile "Golden Pasture" meets the "Diamond Pasture" in the east. The soil and climate are outstanding for conducting precise field experiments and plant breeding. In 1997 the production of specialty seeds was spun out to a separate, newly founded company, PHARMASAAT GmbH.

The PHARMAPLANT building has its own laboratory with a complete array of laboratory equipment for phyto-chemical analysis (including GC, HPLC, HPTLC, UV/VIS spectrometer), for microbiology and for the in-vitro cultivation of plant tissue and organs. The agro-technical facilities are equipped for the study of germination physiology, with various drying and post-harvesting systems, and the complete technology for cleaning and processing seeds. The test area of 30.000 m2 is operated with modern precision technology.
A multifunctional research greenhouse is under construction. It expands and extends the capacity for greenhouse experiments currently available. The existing equipment allows us to solve practically any problem involving plants that contain effective agents and industrial raw materials.