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From Collecting Plants in the Wild to the Concept of Phytotechnology


Founding of an experimental station by SCHERING AG of Berlin in the North Thuringian town of Artern

1945 - 1961

Experimental station for VEB SCHERING Adlersdorf

1962 - 1965

Chemical analysis laboratory set up at the experimental station

1966 - 1971

Experimental station for VEB Arzneimittelwerk in Dresden

1972 - 1989

Research area for VEB Pharmazeutisches Werk in Halle


Temporarily assigned to the Federal Agricultural Ministry's Central Institute for Arable Crops and Ornamentals in Bernburg


On the basis of the Unification Treaty and evaluation by the Science Council, the research station is assigned to the Institute for Agricultural Experimentation and Research in Thuringia


Management buy-out, founding of PHARMAPLANT Research on and Seed Production for Medicinal Plants and Herbs GmbH


Area of seed production spun off; founding of PHARMASAAT GmbH


After re-evaluation PHARMAPLANT receives the status of an "economically relevant research institution of the state of Thuringia"